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Coach-2-Coach. Women Connecting with Women Study.
Begins June 1. (Fridays, noon – 1:30 p.m. CT)
New 16-week summer study for women coaches.

Exclusively for women coaches: I have just the thing for a summer pick-me-up … refreshing your spirit and preparing you for the new beginnings that often come with the fall season.

Of course, there will be laughter and fun as we learn how to better live out God’s plan to be Titus 2 women in our circle of influence.

I’d like to extend a personal invitation to you to join me as we share with other coaches using a fantastic book I’ve used many times.
(Women Connecting with Women by Verna Birkey).

I’ve just recently been using it for a group study at my church and was delightedly reminded of the power and encouragement packed into this study. So I thought, “what better group to share this with than a group of Women Coaches?”

Group size is limited, so don’t delay.

Cost is $39 per month. That’s less than $10 per week!
($9.00 Discount for early registration by May 15!)

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Welcome Home

An Easter message of redemption and love and hope.  I’m reading Not a Fan. Becoming a completely committed follower of Jesus. by Kyle Idleman. It brought back some memories… 

I’m excited to share with you something I wrote in 2007. The story begins in Delaware. One morning, so many years ago, a dear friend kissed her husband good-bye, left to go jogging with her friend, was hit by a truck, and left to be with her Lord. I’ve written from the perspective of my friend, Diane, as she meets King Jesus face-to-face in Heaven. 

“Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever.  Amen.”—Jude 24, 25, NAS

Today, at 6:40 a.m. (Earth-time) I stepped from your world into the peaceful beauty and splendor of Heaven.  It was an easy passing…there was a quietness and a calm in the air as I passed from one world and into the next.  It was a lovely journey.

King Jesus was on the Bema Seat.  I was not afraid to face Him.  We discussed my life and I quietly asked, “but Lord, what about when I…”


(In blood red)

suddenly appeared on my hand.  “Oh, my Lord,” I whispered, as He stepped down from the Bema Seat.  The jagged scars from the rough-hewn nails on His wrists made me weep as He wrapped His lovely arms around me.  That simple act of His hug has totally healed me of my earthly experiences.  Those beautiful scars!  I laid my head on His shoulder and wept for joy.  Such love.  I looked down and saw the scars on His feet…love marks to me.  Such glorious, pure, untainted, unconditional love.  I am in the home of the forgiven.

He placed a crown on my head. On me!  How could this be? And yet, it is true!  Glorious love!  Somehow, I don’t feel unworthy.  It feels natural to be here.  As though I have always been here.  Then I remember:  “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1, NAS).

“Oh, my Lord…my glorious Lord!”  I fell before His feet.  I touched the scars.  “They are there because of my sin, not Yours!”  He lifted me up, and escorted me – His bride – to the banquet table.  “How is it possible, with so many others here, that I feel as though I am alone with You”?  I asked Him.  Those beautiful expressive eyes drew me closer – ever closer to an understanding of the purity that love can possess.

The clutter of the things that were important in my earth-life is gone. “Life is so simple here.  There is love and there is purpose; and I know that You have prepared this destiny especially for me.  You have used my earth-life to prepare me for what You were preparing for me – here – after the banquet.”

“I have been healed with Your loving embrace,” I whispered.  “Your banquet table has nourished me.  I have walked down the path with You – on Your arm as Your bride.  Oh, the wonder of it all!  Now, You have said that we have work to do – together – in every sense of the word.  You have made me worthy to be here and You have proved it by placing this crown on my head.”

I tried to kneel and He told me, “No, STAND before Me…I have made you worthy.”  So, I stood…in my glorified body – before King Jesus and He embraced me again, and said, “You have been faithful.  Well done, My lovely one.  My bride.  You are here, not for what you have done in My Name, but because you have loved my Glorious Appearing. That is all that I have required.  There is no need for My bride to ever fear My appearing.  You were created for this purpose.  Your earth-life was preparation for all of this.  I often told you, “I have My way.  You have yours.  Mine is better. You see…I was right.  My way is better.”

Then He said, “Here, My love…let Me show you how My Light sparkles through this bottle of your tears that I have kept.  Not one tear was lost…and see how they add to the beauty of Heaven—the home of the forgiven.  WELCOME HOME!”  

Meditation: The timing to share this with you seems right. Easter time…remembering the death, resurrection, and ascension of  the Lord Jesus Christ. A time to think of what it might be like for us. Are you ready to meet your Maker?  I’d love to hear from you.


Resting in Jesus in Perilous Times

David Wilkerson wrote about resting in Jesus in perilous times. In his newsletter, he said that God had impressed on him a single promise from God’s Word (the Bible) that if he/we would commit his/our very life to it, this promise would keep him/us through any and all perilous times. It would be a daily power source of faith.

He goes on to quote the verse…the promise from God’s Word. “Your Father knows what things you have need of before you ask Him.” (Matthew 6:8)

God wants you to give Him “quality” time. Focused attention. And trust Him!

Resting in (trusting in) the Fatherhood of Almighty God, Creator God, Restorer of the Breach, Savior, Blessed Redeemer. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Many, many times in the Bible (His words to us), He says to “fear not”. He speaks those words to many fearful people in scripture. They were just like you and me and yet they learned to fear not! We can, too! 🙂

Corrie ten Boom’s dad comforted her fears when she was a child with this illustration: “When a train goes through a tunnel, and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.” God is not only our Creator; He is our Engineer. He knows what is best. Trust Him even when you don’t understand and when it is dark when you go through the trials and “tunnels” of life. Trust Him. He adores you!

I Peter 5:7 says, “Casting all your care upon Him, because He cares for you!”
Can you believe it? The Creator God cares about you…about me! WOW! And He is patient while we learn to trust Him on a deeper level each day. Little by little. We can learn to be resting in Jesus in perilous times. Don’t give up. It will be worth it all! I promise! Better still…HE promises!

Do You Believe God…?

Do you believe in miracles? I do. Do you believe God cares? I do.
Do you believe God has your best interest at heart? I do.
Do you believe that God cares what you do with your life? I do.

Do you believe God hates sin? I do.
Do you believe we are all sinners? I do.
Do you believe God winks at sin? I do NOT.
Do you believe that He loves sinners? I do.
Do you believe He loves you? I do.
Do you believe God wants what’s best for you? I do.

Do you believe that God chose your parents? And your personality? And the country you’d be born into? I do.
Do you believe that God wants you to read the love letter (the Bible) He wrote to you? I do.
Do you believe that He wants you to find Him in the midst of that love letter…the Bible? I do.
Do you believe that He wants to have a personal relationship with YOU? I do.
Do you believe that He wants you to make that a priority? I do.

Is there anything stopping you?

I’m praying for you to find this Friend that is closer than a brother to be your very closest relationship from now until eternity! He’s waiting with open arms. Whenever you take the first step forward He’ll meet you there. Jump into the Word of God…the Bible…and devour every word. Ask Him to reveal Himself in a deep personal way like you have never known before and He will delight to answer that request. He speaks to us from every single page. But the trick is that we have to stop long enough to listen (read it).

There are lots of translations and paraphrases to choose from. Choose one that is most understandable to you. Some still love the beauty of the Kings James Version. Others find it cumbersome and so love the Message version or the Amplified Version or the New International Version. Many choices. Just make that choice. Do that and He will meet you in those pages of His Holy Word.

Tell me: How do you make the Bible come alive to you personally? How do you keep reading/studying the Bible as a priority in your own life? Share your story. We can encourage each other in this way. We can help each other come closer in relationship to the Source of all life. Temporal and Eternal. Praise the Lord God Almighty. Father. Son. And Holy Spirit. Praise His Glorious Name.

Do you believe that will make Him happy? Do you believe God? I do.


Acrostic. God thank You that You (are)…

How hungry are you to know God? What do you do (practically speaking) to get to know Him better?

One method I’ve often used to move closer to God is to think through His characteristics…using an acrostic. It keeps me focused and it helps me stretch past the normal Biblical words, to a more personal approach.

So, let’s go through the alphabet, letter-by-letter…and name some characteristics about God that we have found to be true in our own experience. I’ll start…

God, thank You that You (are):

Always there
Believe in me
Care about me
Devoted to me
Everywhere in my world
Faithful Father
Interested in me
Mindful of my pain/disappointments/sadness/hurts
Never unkind or too busy or hurried
Provider of every physical, emotional, spiritual, & financial need I have
Right alongside me every moment in all things
Steadily dependable
Trustworthy…Your “Word” is “good”
Unwavering in Your pursuing a love relationship with me
Vie for my affections
Want to spend time with me just because I’m me
X-tatic when I spend time with You
Yearn for a deep relationship with me
Zealous in showering me with displays of Your love

There! That’s my acrostic! Now it’s your turn!

Let me know what you think. Was this helpful to get you outside the box in your devotional time with Your Creator, the Lord God Almighty?

I heard a radio message last week. The topic was our relationship with God. God wants our whole heart. He will come as close to us as we will let Him. We are the hindrance…not God. The teacher said, “We all have about as much of God as we really want. The real issue is how hungry we are to know Him.”

So, now that you have had time to think about it, “How hungry are you to know God?”

It would be great if you’d comment here so we can share together how we deepen our relationship with the Lord. Our personal “worlds” move so fast, it takes intentional effort to encourage each other to
keep focused on deepening relationships with people AND with God.

Do You Believe In Easter/The Empty Tomb/the Resurrection?

The Cross. The empty tomb. I believe in Easter. Do You? Whether you you believe it or not, it is true! Jesus died. Jesus is ALIVE! And He is in Heaven, preparing a place especially for His own. Have you yet thanked Him for that…by welcoming Him to enter your life and transform your mind, will, and emotions? To begin to remake you into His image. To pick you up when you fall down/when you sin/when you fail to do what you know you should do. Have you come to the end of yourself yet? It’s never too late to surrender your will…at the foot of the Cross. The Cross–an anchor for the soul. Hang onto it. Daily. The Cross had to happen before the Resurrection could happen. (There is nothing that you will experience that will be any worse than that.) Surrender to His will for you. It only takes a moment to begin the journey of a lifetime!

Sins. Have you realized your need of His substitutionary death for your sins? Sins–the results of the choice that Adam and Eve made so many years ago. Sins in our own lives that have continued on each day since that sad decision. They had it all and it was not enough for them. They wanted more. They willfully and foolishly chose to believe satan disguised as a creature…a serpent. They chose to listen to the creation rather than to the Creator of the creation. That original couple. That man and woman. Later to be the first parents. They chose to walk out of close relationship with their Creator.

Choice. We all have choice. Choice of whether we will believe in Easter (the celebration of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ)…and in the Creator God…or will we believe the creation and the creatures in the creation? God gives us the gift of choice.

Gifts. Have you ever had the experience of having someone return to you a gift you had given them? I had a friend do that…actually, she gave me back numerous things I had given her. I was stunned. She said maybe I could give them to someone else. She didn’t see value in what I had given. Or…have you had someone tell you in words that your gifts are not thoughtful and that they don’t want them? I have. I think those experiences give me a tiny glimpse of what God feels when we reject His gift of salvation. His gift that came with a highly personal price paid. His gift chosen thoughtfully with each of us in mind. Accepting and cherishing His gift is the ONLY way to become His child. There is no other way to Heaven, but to see the value of His Gift. Easter. Some look at His gift with disdain…not wanting it…and looking for a different gift…a different way to Heaven.

Born Again. I was nearly 30 years old when I finally understood with my heart what Jesus had chosen to do for ME. For YOU. Don’t close your heart to Him. Don’t turn away from His gift. Will it be easy? NO! Life will continue to be a challenge. But there is now strength for the journey and the hope of your resurrection to new life in Christ. Keep searching until you find Him. Visualize walking into His waiting open arms. Just as you are! Warts and sins and all! Then hang on tight! Don’t let Him go. He will not move away from you. Not ever! But…if you do the moving away from Him, and therefore, out of the area of His blessing, He will not force you to do His will.

Do you believe in Easter? I do. I daily experience Easter’s resurrection power. There is Holy Spirit power as a result of the Resurrection (and Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven). He sent the Holy Spirit to HELP us in this fallen world. To strengthen us to seek Him daily. Jesus paid it all. He paid it all for all peoples. Willingly. Joyfully. For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross. The joy He felt was His understanding that His loving, willing, sacrifice of Himself…for you…for me…was making it possible for those of us that willingly, joyfully choose to be His follower…His disciple…perpetual seekers.

Witnesses. There were more than 500 witnesses over a 40-day period after His resurrection. He had died. He was put into a tomb. Sealed. Dead. And then three days later, they saw Him ALIVE! They saw the nail scars on His body–the results of being nailed to the brutal cross. Now alive. Jesus…Lord of Lords, King of Kings! Forty days after the resurrection, they saw Him ascend to Heaven. Alive! He’s alive! Can you believe it?! And He is coming again … for His own … and we will join Him. Forever and ever. Whatever you have endured here, it will be worth it all. I promise. Better yet, HE promises! 🙂

Victory. Easter is the celebration of Jesus overcoming sin and the sting of death. It is the season for remembering the agony He went through in order to be the sacrificial substitutionary Lamb…the offering to satisfy the choice Adam and Eve made so many years ago. Don’t make the same foolish choice they did. Not deciding is also a choice. Choose this day whom you will follow.

Home. This world is not your home. Someday, you will be in your eternal home. Do you want to spend it with the serpent or with the Creator? Do you believe in Easter? I pray you do! I’d love to hear from you that you believe in Easter in its fullest of meanings! May God bless these words to cause you to hunger and thirst for more of Him as you fling yourself down at the foot of the cross and gaze at the empty tomb and ponder what that means to you personally.

Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus.
May we await His shout together!


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The Only Thing That Really Matters Is Your Relationship With Jesus

Every few months, I need a little something to freshen up my devotions. That’s also when I get my old journals and notes out and look for something that made an impact on me in the past. Something that made me get fresh perspective into what really matters in this life here on earth. Are you wondering how can I so boldly title this blog post, “The Only Thing That Really Matters Is Your Relationship With Jesus”? I’m glad you asked!

First, I can say it because it is true (because the Bible tells me so), (and also because I have proven it true in my own life). When it comes down to the bottom line…NOTHING else matters but a personal relationship with Jesus. It is a relationship that needs nurture and time and purposeful seeking…

Here’s an illustration of that very truth that I found in my notes from November 1998. (It is from Our Daily Bread Devotional.) The story is about Henri Nouwen. As many of the spiritual fathers & mothers from former days, he was not afraid to speak Truth into people’s lives.

A lady had come to Henri Nouwen…complaining about her husband. He wasn’t abusive. I think she was just tired of him and his habits. And it seems she wanted to change him. She definitely wanted Henri to tell her she was right and her husband was wrong. Henri listened and had two things to say to her. One a rebuke. The other a suggestion.

The rebuke: “All that is a distraction. I don’t mean to denigrate or even dispute your complaints, but those are beside the point. The only thing that really matters is your relationship with Jesus.” (Now you know where I got the title.)

The suggestion: “Just take 5 minutes every day for two weeks to sit quietly and ask to be with Jesus; ask for His presence. And then…come and tell me what’s important.”

Choosing to be with Jesus (yes, it’s a choice…just like any relationship)…in His presence…puts a whole new perspective on things. So, whether you are a long-time follower of Jesus, or brand new at this, I offer you the same challenge: Every day for two weeks (and beyond), sit for 5 minutes (or longer) and ask to be with Jesus. Ask for His presence.

Then, let me know what’s important.

Let me know if you have new perspective and if you also experience anew or afresh, that the only thing that really matters is your relationship with Jesus.

“God be merciful to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us, that Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations. Let the people praise You, O God; let the peoples praise You.” Psalm 67:1-3

Time with God Grown Stale? Try This…

Has time with God gotten a bit stale lately? Do you need some ideas to help freshen up your devotions — your meetings with the Lord God Almighty? Here’s a list I have often referred back to over the years since I began my personal relationship with Him through faith in His Son…the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe this will bring fresh life to those times for you, too.

You can pick and choose, or do them all!

Every day (ideas to freshen up your devotions):
* Give thanks to the Lord for something that happened yesterday
* Praise Him for some attribute He has that you need today
* Go through the alphabet re what you know about God. (e.g. A= Always there)
* Romans 12:1 = Purposely present yourself to Him
* Psalm 96:1, 2 = Sing a NEW song = it is important for new life
* Ephesians 5:18 = Keep on being filled
* Psalm 139:23, 24 = ASK God to search your heart (We have the capacity to “fool” ourselves)
* I John 1:6-10 = Remember that sin is “missing the mark”…like an archer missing the bulls-eye.
* Romans 8:29 = Purpose to be conformed to the image of His Son = the reason for Romans 8:28 = the GOAL
* James 1:5-8 = ASK for wisdom
* Ask for supernatural ability to love God with supernatural agape love
* Pray for Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Bless Israel
* Pray for your family, your church, your hometown, your state, your country
*Thank Him that you are His child! Not yet? Why not? Questions? Just ask Him. He’s listening. What matters to you, matters to Him.

Ask Him. You’ll be glad you did. I promise!

Hebrews 2: 2 “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…”

He will show you the way “Home”


God’s Wedding Vows

Is it time to renew your wedding vows with the Lord? Or is it time to finally make that commitment to the Savior? What are God’s wedding vows?
The Lord beckons us to relationship with Him. He’s always wooing us to become His own. Since before you were born, He has loved you. He is continually seeking to get your attention. When you awaken in the night, He is in the middle of a thought about you. Doesn’t that knowledge make you want to dig into His Word (the Holy Bible)…the place where He shows you (over and over) the stories of how He relates to His people. To you. You are “His people”. Love Him back. It’s that easy. His Word (The Bible) will tell you how to do that.
If you have loved Him in the past and now your love has grown cold, renew your “wedding vows” with the lover of your soul. He longs for His “called out ones”… His Bride…to intentionally maintain the relationship with Him.
You’ve heard the song, “I have decided to follow Jesus”? Yes, it is a decision. One you will never regret. Will your life be easy after that decision? Most likely, no! But why would we expect our life to be easier than the One (Jesus) who gave His ALL for us. The New Testament books will explain that in ways that will draw you to Him.
I heard a song on the radio and don’t know the title/artist or the exact words, but it goes something like this: God loves you and made you for the pleasure of knowing you. God made you for the pleasure of loving you.
How can we resist an offer like that? Even with all your warts and even with all the baggage of your past the Creator God thinks that knowing you  is a pleasure. And…that loving you is a pleasure. No strings attached. All He wants is your heart.
Would you like to have God in the center of all of your life? Would you like to talk about ways to make that happen? I know where you can find a good Christian Life Coach to help you with the process of discovering who you can be in Christ. 🙂

To learn more about God’s wedding vows what that can mean to you personally, contact me at

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Psalm 23 reminds us that “The Lord is My Shepherd. I shall not want”. (Meaning: I have all I need.) That’s what The Lord God wants us to know.

With Him as our Shepherd/Lord, we lack nothing that we need. He is enough to meet our every need. Key word = need. He is Faithful and True. He longs to hear us say, “I trust You, Lord, to give me everything I need.” If it’s a new thought, keep saying it until you believe it. It may take time, but believing it brings freedom from the enslavement of continually striving for more! If you have questions, contact me at  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone who does!

I shall not want. The pain of life comes from wanting more than we have. Wanting to the point of distraction and discontent and sometimes even anger or bending the rules. It sometimes gets us into a lot of unnecessary debt, because…after all…we deserve it, right? It is a hard habit to break away from thinking that if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?

How do we conquer the wanting more demon? It takes a mindset change. A Christian life coach can help. But, it also takes spending time regularly in His Word (The Bible) to keep remembering that He is sufficient. All things are possible with the Lord.

It is a statement of confidence in the Lord when we conquer that wanting more demon. Discover contentment. I’d love to help you as you move toward that truly good life of trusting God as the Good Shepherd. He truly wants what’s best for you!


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