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Nourishing & Equipping Women Coaches

“In today’s broken world, women are longing for warm relationships.”
Coach-2-Coach. Summer study group for Women Coaches.
Begins June 1st (Noon-1:30 CT) for 16 weeks.

Studying: WOMEN CONNECTING WITH WOMEN by Verna Birkey.

Verna’s passion is to “equip women to become loving, caring friends, mentors, encouragers, and supporters to other women the Lord places in their sphere of influence.”

Verna wondered why it is that the world often turns to secular groups for support & comfort? Job labeled his religious friends “miserable comforters”. How can we become more of “Jesus with skin on” to others? Verna’s material reminds us of our ultimate goal which is to link up with other women to learn from each other. To encourage & nourish each other. Together learning truths that set us free. The study seeks to train & equip us to be all we were meant to be. I’ve used this study for 15 years, and have not yet found anything better.

With grace-filled wisdom and gentle humor, Verna relates the truth of life in Christ to our everyday lives.

She equips women to minister to others by first helping us to:
**Recognize it’s right ot take care of ourselves
**Identify and correct twisted thinking
**Learn how to draw appropriate boundaries
**Take steps to resolve conflicts
**Know how to listen and ask helpful questions
**Learn to communicate understanding

The next tele-study begins June 1st (Friday) Noon-1:30 p.m. CT
$39/month. 16 week study. ($9.00 early bird discount by midnight May 15).
Contact for info and availability.

You will need the book AND the workbook for June 1st.
(Available through Amazon books.)

To register, contact:
or comments below on blog post
or FB private message.

Coach-2-Coach (study for women coaches)

Coach-2-Coach. Women Connecting with Women Study.
Begins June 1. (Fridays, noon – 1:30 p.m. CT)
New 16-week summer study for women coaches.

Exclusively for women coaches: I have just the thing for a summer pick-me-up … refreshing your spirit and preparing you for the new beginnings that often come with the fall season.

Of course, there will be laughter and fun as we learn how to better live out God’s plan to be Titus 2 women in our circle of influence.

I’d like to extend a personal invitation to you to join me as we share with other coaches using a fantastic book I’ve used many times.
(Women Connecting with Women by Verna Birkey).

I’ve just recently been using it for a group study at my church and was delightedly reminded of the power and encouragement packed into this study. So I thought, “what better group to share this with than a group of Women Coaches?”

Group size is limited, so don’t delay.

Cost is $39 per month. That’s less than $10 per week!
($9.00 Discount for early registration by May 15!)

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