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Giving Barbie Dolls to Your Child. Yes or No?

I think that you really hit on something we need to add to the mix: Our personalities truly do influence how we parent.

I also believe that God purposefully chooses which child/children to place in our particular family.

So, when we pray for wisdom to the God of all wisdom, He promises to give us that wisdom that we need for our particular family.

Simplistic? Yes. Will we make mistakes? Yes. But God sees the heart of the mother/father that desires to raise the child/children to reflect Christ’s love to the world.

They (the child/children) may take the LONG road, like Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, who has turned his life around and now has stepped into his father’s shoes…or they (the child/children) may take the SHORT road and never give us a day’s concern. That said…which road they take…has a lot to do with their God-given personality, as well.

But, God hears the heart of a praying mother/father. Someday you can ask Ruth Graham about that and see if she ever wondered if she was making the wrong decisions. Do you think she ever second-guessed herself?

It may comfort you to know that even if we were the perfect parent, making perfect decisions, that does not guarantee perfect children.

Ask God. He is THE Perfect Parent…and look how some of His kids turned out. 🙂

You…human parent…can only do so much to influence your children toward God. Hopefully, that takes a bit of the pressure off of you. Do what you can do. Do it the best you know how. And trust God to do what only He can do.

GIB (God is Big) KLU (Keep Looking Up).

Onward Christian Parent! Well done!

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And why?

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