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Memorial Day With Gratitude

Memorial-DayJust stopping by for a quick minute to tell you how my day began.

It’s been pouring rain. I thought our Memorial Day remembrance by the lake would not happen. (Oh me of little faith!)

But God cleared the sky for a short time so we could stop…to remember the sacrifices of our heroes and their families.

I was moved to tears as the High School band played the Star Spangled Banner. (Yes, our flag is still there. In spite of wars and rumors of wars.)

Tears were still in my eyes as the VFW honor guard stood at attention. As many in the crowd saluted or had their hands over their hearts throughout the remembrance time. (They honored the flag of our country.) The raising of the flag by our local Boy Scouts (but only to half mast…to honor the fallen). That prayer by the Chaplain of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). The prayer included honoring by Name our Lord Jesus. Openly. Without hindrance. Another reason for tears of gratitude: for wonderful small town Iowa with its “old-fashioned values”!

And then the band played TAPS. More tears. More emotions of gratitude. More hands over the hearts. I am thankful for those in Clear Lake, Iowa who organized the remembrance.

I’m glad I stopped to remember today. I wanted to share my joy with you.

Yes this is celebrated as a HOLIDAY in the United States, but there is a reason why we have a “holiday” to celebrate. Today, I am not taking that freedom for granted. It came with great price.

I am thankful to God for stopping the heavy rain long enough for us to draw together as a community and remember with gratitude those that suffered much so we could stand there today FREE to do so.  THANK YOU seems small for such a great gift!

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A Time for Remembering. From Loss to Gain.

When I was pre-teen, my Mother died after a long illness. Unable to bear to see her suffer any longer, I had cried out to God to either heal her or take her. She died that very day. Loss.

A year later, my boyfriend died following a boating accident. Normally, we would have been spending the day together; but he had gone water skiing because we were arguing.  Loss.

That very summer–just days after the accident, and a year after my Mother’s death—my best friend and confidant went on vacation out of state for the entire summer. Loss.

Continually coming to dead ends, for years I searched for the GOD of my Mother.  She had something that helped her through that time of suffering; and I wanted that something. (What was her “secret”?).  I was lonely, bored, and confused. Loss.

Still desperately looking for answers in the wrong places–when I was not yet 20, I married a man I barely knew. For twelve years we were barren. Loss.

My salesman husband traveled and there were breeches to our marriage covenant to love and honor. Loss.

Still searching for answers, I finally found what I was looking for in a church. I still didn’t know what to call it, but I knew they had something very important.  I was in a safe place–loved by people that knew the “secret” my Mom knew. And now I knew the “secret” too. They loved me to the Word of God and to the God of the Word. Gain.

I devoured the “secret”…the Glorious Word of God…and I found HIM (the LORD) there…in the Bible. He was waiting there for me all the time. I just had to be willing to receive what He had to offer. I found Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit and lots of examples of how God relates to His imperfect creation: people…you and me. And I found the joy of discovering the unconditional love of our Creator. He loves us exactly as we are…but…He also loves us too much to let us stay there. He teaches us how to see loss as gain. Loss truly is gain when it drives us seeking until we come to Him and to His Word. He wants us to experience the abundant life—not of money and things—but of the realization of our Father’s Love. Gain. Great Gain.

“Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! …For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen” (Romans 11:33-36 New International Version)

Turning losses into great gain…
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