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The CHOICE To Be Grateful

Thanksgiving. The choice is ours. To choose to be grateful. To thank the One Creator God from Whom all blessings flow…for He is the Source of our blessings. Yes, the choice is ours.

Since November is the month that we in the United States–as a nation–have the tradition of setting aside a single day that we call Thanksgiving, I started asking…

What does the month leading up to that Thanksgiving Day look like in your family? Is it blessedly a day that brings to mind lovely times of re-connecting with family, even if there is little “feasting” because of a very tight budget? Is it a joyous or a notoriously tense time? Is there a competition between families about where you “celebrate” and even about which day you will choose? Maybe you have multiple Thanksgivings for various reasons. Thanksgiving. The choice is ours. Do we have a choice? Yes, I think we do.

What if…Jesus came to your house for the month of November? What would He discover about relationships between family members? Would the Marthas and the Marys be arguing about whether to use corn starch or flour for the gravy? What if we actually set a place for Him at the table to keep us alert to the fact that He truly is there with us?

What if…this November was the beginning of choosing to do what would bless God and others rather than thinking of our own personal disappointments or dreads? What new traditions could we begin that are uplifting and from a heart of gratefulness? What if…you stayed home and invited both sides of the family to your home rather than having to choose where to go?

What if…we created a family November Ebenezer Thanksgiving Book (the name means, “thus far God has led us”)? What if you began now? What if each morning or evening you and your family spend time together with each person speaking out to the others what they are grateful for and then adding it to the book? What if it became a tradition to add to it each year and read from it on each Thanksgiving Day. Imagine how everyone would feel when they heard you speak out specific reasons why you are thankful for them. Noting how they have blessed your life. Maybe listing a particular character trait or something kind or unselfish you have seen them do. I’m just brainstorming here. Wouldn’t that begin to set the tone for the gathering of those we love?

What if…since the choice is ours…you included others at your table…in addition to family? That has a way of keeping the climate more congenial and people on their best behavior…producing good memories for the future. AND it blesses those that perhaps would otherwise be alone for Thanksgiving. AND it really, really makes your Father God happy. And proud. He likes His children to share what He gives us. Don’t wait for Christmas to give. Do it now, also. Do it early. Be creative. What can you personally and intentionally do differently to work toward making this a time for creating uplifting memories for others to treasure?

Thanksgiving! The choice is ours. Don’t wait. It can turn Thanksgiving month/day into a win-win.

I’d love for you to share your Thanksgiving traditions on the blog for others to enjoy. Let’s brainstorm together. We can help each other to become a more thankful people. Share with us what do you choose to do to honor God and others to let them know that you are full of thanksgiving for them? Let’s talk about it.

Happy Thanksgiving. May this be the best one ever!

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