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“Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” — John 12:24

That pretty well sums up parenting…and especially motherhood. Motherhood is so daily!

Dying to self. The single seed dying to self for the greater good…the good crop. Meaning…when we truly surrender our rights to the Lord, beautiful things begin to happen within our hearts. And in our families.

In his very first sentence in the book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren states a Biblical Truth: “It’s not about you.”

That single statement reminds me to get my priorities in alignment with God’s. It’s NOT about me. It’s ALL about HIM!!! The LORD! If there is a Lord (and there is) then there must be servants who do His bidding. (That’s you and me.)

The Small Catechism states “the chief purpose of man is to love God and enjoy Him forever.” We enjoy God when we obey Him. We obey Him because we believe Him when He gives us directions how to live a life which is pleasing to Him and is joy-filled for us.

And WHEN we surrender to that, He gives us His strength, in our weakness! When we are weak, then He is strong! Hang in there, Mom!

You are loved! And yes…it *is* worth it!

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Put yourself in this Mom’s place. Traveling alone with a baby.

Look closely and then tell me…What’s “wrong” with this picture? Maybe “wrong” isn’t the “right” word. Maybe “unusual” is the right word.

I’m pretty sure this would not be what I would look like if I were at a major airport, ready to travel a number of hours with my baby on a plane…ALONE! What about you?

Here is what is (wrong/unusual) = remarkable: She is smiling! She is a real, live person and she is smiling! And at peace! How did that happen?

Lindsay sent me this picture. It inspired me so much that I asked her if I could use it on my website. I figured if it inspired me, it would inspire you, too. (I’m passionate about helping Overwhelmed Moms find their way out of the fog. And this picture speaks volumes!!!) And then…when I heard her response, I just had to share it with you right away.

Because…here’s something else that is remarkable about this Mom: Her response was “Yes…but…I wasn’t overwhelmed.” WOW! She wasn’t overwhelmed??? Astounding!!!

What do you suppose was Lindsay’s secret?

Lindsay had a plan. She had spent the days leading up to this day (as she prepared to move to another continent in a few short weeks) speaking God’s promises out loud to herself as she packed and as she took care of her baby. Her husband was far away…on another continent because of his work. It was unavoidable. This was a fog she was going to have to find her way through without her husband’s help. She wanted to be victorious, even though her life was in an uproar! But you would not know it to look at her, would you?! She had chosen the HIGHER ROAD.

Life is a series of choices. Flesh or Spirit. Which will rule? Which will we “feed”? The Spirit or the flesh?

This Mom had chosen to listen to praise music even though the things in her life were in chaos. While helpers were shouting questions at her. While she had to make a ton of last minute decisions. While she had to remember to eat. While she had to remember to change the diapers and nurse the baby. While movers came and went. While her apartment looked more like a war-zone than a home…with all the sorting and packing materials all around. Lindsay had chosen to have God on the throne, rather than let her feelings rule her. She did what she could do. She fed her Spirit Soul food and it nourished her to the point that her countenance would actually shine! You can see that for yourself!

She did what she could and left the rest to God. He likes that! 🙂

lindsay-baby-cropShe is an amazing woman. She is one of my favorite people and I wanted to share a bit of her story with you. I pray it inspires you to take the time to stop, drop and pray. To remember that nothing is too big for God to handle. IF we let Him.  She made a conscious choice to meditate on the promises of God. To feed her soul with music. Not just any music. She chose music that nourishes and exalts God. Proving: You definitely are what you “eat”. His Word (the Bible) is her nourishment. AND…Praises helped her rise above her circumstances. God has a plan and she followed it. And this is the result!

Please take time to comment and let us know what this has stirred up in you. And please also share stories of times when God’s Spirit has ruled and you, too, have been victorious in a difficult circumstance. We would love to hear from you. And as Lindsay prepares to move from her familiar surroundings, your remarks could be perfect timing and have the same effect on her to encourage her to keep looking UP because GOD is BIG.

“My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to accomplish His work,” Jesus said. (John 4:34 NAS)

{{Lindsay Nichols Estes has a message for women in transition. She walks her talk and more often than not, she comes forth trusting God’s promises. She knows the secret of success. If you are in transition, and want a coach to walk through it with you, you can find her here: }}

Short Spurts Toward Success! Week 4

It’s the final week of the Challenge! How are you doing? My guess is, from the dearth of comments on the blog this past week, that you’ve been exceedingly busy! I hope you’ve squeezed in time to incorporate the nightly routines we’ve been learning, though.

So, it’s a new year and I’m ready for a fresh start – how about you? Let’s get started by remembering the first three Challenges and then adding #4…
Challenge #1 – Do a quick straighten up of the house before bed each night.
Challenge #2 – Put away clean dishes. Set the table/prepare for the next day’s breakfast.
Challenge #3 – Be sure no dishes are left undone. Fill Dishwasher. Dump the old coffee grounds. Add fresh coffee for the morning.

Challenge #4.

Lay out clothes for the next day. Straighten up/quick clean the bathroom. All before bed each day.

I hope you are feeling a new sense of control over your environment. You’re probably even sleeping better, knowing that you are the “alpha dog” of your home environment. What a great way to lessen stress!

Please be sure to leave at least one comment this week to let us know how you are doing with the Challenge. Remember, each comment gives you another entry to win an autographed copy of Uniquely You: Discover Your Life Purpose” by Kim Avery. Next week I’ll be sharing an upcoming opportunity for you to Discover YOUR Life Purpose – stay tuned!

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Short Spurts Toward Success – Week 3

Are you enjoying the Challenge? Have you been keeping up? I know it’s hard to do something like this over the holidays, but the rewards are huge. So, whether you are on target, you are just joining in, or have fallen a wee bit behind, join us on the wagon. The more, the merrier!

Just to review the first two Challenges:

Challenge #1. Do a quick straighten up of the house before bed each night.)

Challenge #2. Put away clean dishes. Set the table/prepare for the next day’s breakfast. )

Now that you have those as a bit of a routine, do #1 and # 2 each night and add:

Challenge #3.

Be sure no dirty dishes are left undone. Fill Dishwasher. Dump the old coffee grounds. Add fresh coffee for the morning.

Ahhhhh…Let us know how it feels to enter your kitchen each morning since you began to get things orderly before bed each night. Doesn’t the day start so much better now?


Congratulations to Shelly Cantrell at Her Front Porch! Shelly won this week’s drawing for an autographed copy of  Kim Avery’s book, Uniquely You: Discover Your Life Purpose. You could be next!

Make sure you come back often this week and leave your comments so you can be entered in the drawing – every comment gives you another entry!

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Short Spurts Toward Success – Week 2

The Busy Mom’s 4 Week Challenge

Ready for Challenge #2? How did you do with Week 1?

Challenge #1 – Before bed each night, do a quick straighten up of the house. No matter how tired you are!

And now that you have that as a bit of a routine, continue with it each night and add:

Challenge: #2

Before bed each night, put away clean dishes from sink dish drainer or from dishwasher.  Set the table/prepare for the next day’s breakfast.

Let us know how much better the morning goes when you have a head start on your day. Be sure to leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing! You can even come back and update us with your progress each day (please do!) for even more chances to win 🙂

Congratulations to Cheryl Cope for winning Challenge #1!! She will receive a copy of “Uniquely You: Discover Your Life Purpose” by Kim Avery — and you could be next!!

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Short Spurts Toward Success! Week 1

The Busy Mom’s 4 Week Challenge

We know that as a busy mom, life can get overwhelming. But the truth is that there are ways to get a handle on all that overwhelm.

One way is to make small incremental changes, but to make them consistently. And that’s what this Challenge is all about. Over the next weeks there will be 4 Challenges to implement, spaced out a week apart to allow you to incorporate them into your routine.

Challenge #1

Do a quick straighten up of the house every night before bed, no matter how tired you are.

Then… tell us how good it feels the next day when you get up to a [relatively] neat home!

When you make a comment, you are automatically entered into the weekly drawing that extends through the 4 weeks of the Challenge. You can leave a comment each day about how you are doing on this week’s challenge – each comment is another entry in the drawing. Winners will be chosen using, and announced the next week.

Now, what’s the prize? For today, it’s a secret, but you’re going to love it! Before this week is out, the prize will be announced along with a special event pertaining to it. It will be a real treat for you, whether you are a mom, a busy mom, or an overwhelmed mom.

Stay tuned and join in the excitement!

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