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Tick… Tick… Tick… Here It Comes!


Don’t Let This Summer
Slip Away Like Sand
Through Your Fingers!
Use It to Jumpstart
Your Life…

Two days and counting…
May 1st will be here
before you know it.

We can work out the details of WHEN, scheduling around your ever fluid spring/summer schedule. I’m happy… no! I am delighted to do that! AND… just a reminder… this is by phone, so you can be literally anywhere in the world to follow through (together) with this great opportunity!

What are your plans for making this your most memorable summer ever?

  1. Have you had a dream but not yet acted on it? What’s holding you back?
  2. Do you long to change something in your life, but wonder why nothing you’ve tried so far has worked?
  3. Are you wondering why life seems so difficult and so everyday? Maybe you even think something is WRONG with you.
  4. Do you wonder why you see things so differently from those that you live with, work with, worship & serve with?

Spend part of your summer with me (virtually) and you will:

  1. Wake up each day with eager anticipation for what the day holds
  2. Stop comparing yourself with others
  3. Use your gifts and strengths joyfully and effectively
  4. Realize Creator God’s design for you was meant to bring you joy

I would consider it an honor to walk this part of your journey with you.

Sign up by May 1st for a 25% Discount.

The Spring/Summer Package includes:

  • Leading From Your Strengths (LFYS) assessment
  • Two-hour phone LFYS consultation
  • Three additional 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Reasonable accommodation to your fluid spring/summer schedule

The Value of this package is: $350.00
Spring/Summer special offer is: $262.50
(if you contact me by May 1st)

To take advantage of the 25% discount,
contact me by May 1st

Why should you do this for yourself? Because God loves you and He wants you to know why He created you the way He did and how to be the best YOU you can be!

Want to read more about Leading From Your Strengths? I’ve written several blogs about the topic. Click Here to read a popular one that many people found helpful.

Ready to sign up? Have Questions?  Email me and let’s get started!


  1. This sounds like a wonderful programs Pam. I sure all of your participants will be richly blessed.

    Comment by Kim Hawkins

  2. Thanks, Kim Hawkins! I wish EVERYONE could experience LFYS and all the benefits!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  3. Blessings to you and the work you do! 🙂

    Comment by SherryG - Action Plan

  4. Blessings to you, too, Sherry. Thank you!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  5. Congratulations on this wonderful program Pam. Kim put it well when she said your participants would be richly blessed by this!

    Comment by MaryLou Caskey

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Marylou.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  7. This is a great opportunity, and I hope you have lots of eager participants!

    Comment by Kim Avery

  8. Hi Kim,
    “eager participants”…I LIKE that! Fun!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  9. Looks great! A great way start a summer.

    Comment by kinsey

  10. Hi Kinsey, Glad you think so…:-)

    Comment by Pam Taylor

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