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Short Spurts Toward Success – Week 2

The Busy Mom’s 4 Week Challenge

Ready for Challenge #2? How did you do with Week 1?

Challenge #1 – Before bed each night, do a quick straighten up of the house. No matter how tired you are!

And now that you have that as a bit of a routine, continue with it each night and add:

Challenge: #2

Before bed each night, put away clean dishes from sink dish drainer or from dishwasher.  Set the table/prepare for the next day’s breakfast.

Let us know how much better the morning goes when you have a head start on your day. Be sure to leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing! You can even come back and update us with your progress each day (please do!) for even more chances to win 🙂

Congratulations to Cheryl Cope for winning Challenge #1!! She will receive a copy of “Uniquely You: Discover Your Life Purpose” by Kim Avery — and you could be next!!


  1. Just like week 1, I think I’ll do this during one of my short breaks during the day… to keep myself moving and to keep from having to do chores before bed. Great ideas, Pam! Keep ’em coming!!!!

    Comment by Shelly

  2. Hi Shelly Cantrell! So glad you decided to accept Challenge #2…with modification to suit your lifestyle! Good plan! And thanks for the reminder to get up and move every hour. I am really bad at that discipline!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

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