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Short Spurts Toward Success! Week 1

The Busy Mom’s 4 Week Challenge

We know that as a busy mom, life can get overwhelming. But the truth is that there are ways to get a handle on all that overwhelm.

One way is to make small incremental changes, but to make them consistently. And that’s what this Challenge is all about. Over the next weeks there will be 4 Challenges to implement, spaced out a week apart to allow you to incorporate them into your routine.

Challenge #1

Do a quick straighten up of the house every night before bed, no matter how tired you are.

Then… tell us how good it feels the next day when you get up to a [relatively] neat home!

When you make a comment, you are automatically entered into the weekly drawing that extends through the 4 weeks of the Challenge. You can leave a comment each day about how you are doing on this week’s challenge – each comment is another entry in the drawing. Winners will be chosen using, and announced the next week.

Now, what’s the prize? For today, it’s a secret, but you’re going to love it! Before this week is out, the prize will be announced along with a special event pertaining to it. It will be a real treat for you, whether you are a mom, a busy mom, or an overwhelmed mom.

Stay tuned and join in the excitement!


  1. I’m a Mom, and even though I don’t have kiddos underfoot, I still get overwhelmed! I’m so glad you are doing this challenge, and am looking forward to what you’ve got up your sleeve for us. It’s all very exciting!

    Comment by Susan Fleming

  2. Moms have unique challenges. We are a dedicated bunch! So much so, that “overwhelm” seems to hang around and sneak up on us, even when our kids are grown, doesn’t it Susan? I can’t wait to reveal the “surprises” ahead…very cool stuff! Stay tuned everybody!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  3. Just emptied the dishwasher and everything is tidy and clean. Yay!

    Comment by Kim Avery

  4. Yay, is right! And if you can do it with your busy schedule, we can too! Thanks for the encouragement, Kim Avery!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  5. I’ve been getting all the dishes done before I go to bed each night, and it is much more pleasant to come into the kitchen in the morning. Now, if you could just send the Pick-Up Fairy for the rest of the house… 🙂

    Comment by Susan Fleming

  6. Susan, Fleming, So happy to hear back that you are sensing how pleasant it is to enter a clean kitchen each morning. Yeah…the REST of the house…hmmm….

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  7. Great idea. It’s the little things that matter, don’t they?

    Comment by Cheryl

  8. Hi Cheryl Cope. Yes, it’s the little things that are BIG, huh? 🙂

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  9. Even though I’m not a biological mom (but a spiritual mom I am), I still need to participate in this challenge because life can be overwhelming. And when that happens, I often let the house-cleaning be the first thing to go.

    I love this idea! Instead of doing it right before bed, I think I’ll try doing 5 minute bursts of straightening throughout the day. I mainly work from my home office, so this will help me get up and move every hour!

    Thanks Pam! This is a great initiative!

    Comment by Shelly

  10. Hi Shelly Cantrell! Thanks for stopping by! It is so easy to get behind in housework and then to get discouraged. Thanks for an alternate idea about doing the housework/straightening up in short spurts! What a blessing to encourage each other to make our homes glorify the One who made us by caring for what He provides.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  11. Clean up a little each night before bed…sounds simply and I bet it will make a big difference-thanks!

    Comment by Debi

  12. It does indeed make a difference, Debi. Believe it or not, it’s a trick I learned from my Dad. 🙂 Check back again and let us know how it goes for you. And look for Challenge #2 in the next day or so.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  13. I have become a busy Mom AGAIN! My two grown sons and grandson are living with my husband and I. My Mom is also staying with us.

    Today I buzzed through a couple rooms and picked things up….indeed it DID feel great to see just small changes.

    Thanks for the encouragement Pam!!!!

    Comment by Sharen Kreitsch

  14. WOW! You do have a full house! Glad the idea was helpful! Challenge #2 should be posted real soon! 🙂 MORE fun! Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as this can change the level of peace we feel, Sharen.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  15. I love this challenge! I will implement this right away and I also plan to enroll my children in this particular step.

    Comment by Summer Alexander

  16. Summer Alexander, so glad you love this challenge. And that you will enroll your children in it as well. Be sure to check out #2 already published in the blog. And #3 will be available in a day or two. So glad to have you on board with this challenge. Check back to let us know how you are doing with it.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

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